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The EX-PC XPD4741 is a top, high-performance XP-embedded-based device with a small footprint and low power workstation for users that require high-end functionality, including multiple displays and demanding applications.

The EX-PC displays Windows desktops, web browsers and various applications for power users from any market vertical. Its enhanced security makes it immune to viruses and Trojans.

It is specifically designed for server-based and desktop virtualization environments, supporting PXe booth and optionally internal wireless solutions.

The EX-PC XPD4741 supports digital video connectivity to LCD screens

EX-PC Thin Client Model



The Chip PC Xcalibur Global XP Client enables complete policy-based, remote management of the XPD4741 from a central location, including inventory status, session management and integration with Active Directory. It offers device configuration management based on users & groups policies.

Additional tools to manage the XPD4741 are Altiris® Deployment Solution and Microsoft® WDS (Windows Deployment Server), enabling remote deployment and updates of clients from a central location.


  • Powerful - powered by Intel Atom based processor
  • DVI Video - including dual display support
  • Resolutions - up to 1920x1200px (RB) @ 16M (32 bit) colors 
  • Manageable
    • Chip PC Xcalibur Global XP Client
    • Microsoft WDS (Windows Deployment Server)
    • Altiris Deployment Solution supported
  • Flexible - runs a wide set of 32bit Clients and applications 
  • Customizable - desktop interface and modular operating system
  • Plug-and–Play - Fast, easy installation and deployment
  • Data Integrity – Centralized data storage and backup
  • Secured - Enhanced Write Filter protection & File based Filter protection
  • Compact - Weights as little as 0.6 Kg; easy to handle, ship, store, and install