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Simple, efficient, scalable - this is not your old PC. The new Plug PC LXP 2310 from Chip PC ushers in a new era that will take the virtual desktop and thin client beyond the familiar desktop experience to the superior!

Chip PC’s Plug PC LXP 2310 draws as low as 3 watts of power at maximum load featuring on-board multimedia acceleration; With its design centered on ease-of-use it provides seamless integration into desktop virtualization and server-based computing environments.

Chip PC innovative Linux-based OS and onboard multimedia acceleration offer the cost-effectiveness and security advantages of ultra thin devices, while providing performance, video and flexibility advantages offered by high-end, high-cost Full Linux, XPe devices.

Plug PC LXP 2310 unparalleled in-session performance eliminates the need for streaming and runs in-session heavy applications such as AutoCAD. In addition, it offers integrated Video-over-ICA and Video-over-RDP capabilities, where the in-session video is redirected to be run locally. Such redirection contributes greatly to highest video performance levels.

Chip PC implementation is simple, efficient and scalable. The benefits for IT organizations are simplicity in deployment and maintenance, with the added benefit of the lowest power consumption desktop appliance in any class.

Supported by the industry-leading management and monitoring solution from Chip PC – the Xcalibur Global, Plug PC LXP 2310 offers management of Linux-based devices in a Microsoft Policybased, Active Directory environment. Xcalibur Global provides complete, centralized management and monitoring of thousands of devices from the data center; It offers ultimate manageability, monitoring and scalability from small, medium install bases to the richest, largest, most complex server-based and virtual desktop environments.


Plug PC Thin Client Model


Plug PC LXP 2310

The Plug PC LXP 2310 is a splendid combination of contrasts as a desktop appliance smaller than a pack of cards yet very powerful; providing full function multimedia video performance in a 3 watt ultra green platform of only 6 cubic inch in size.

Features at a Glance:

  • Miniature, Portable Form Factor
  • Chip PC Linux-based OS
  • RMI 1250 RISC Processor, 528 MHz (Equivalent to 1.8 GHz x86), including local multimedia acceleration
  • 256 MB Flash/128 MB RAM DDR2
  • 4 x USB 2.0 ports
  • DVI-D Video
  • Audio-In/Out
  • Resolutions:  up to 1600x1200px @ 64K (16 bit) colors