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KVM Converter/ Extender
Integration Made Easy

IOGear KVM extenders and converters are a cost effective solution to managing multiple types of computers from the same console.

KVM Console Extender, PS/2
Model # GCE250
  • Allows remote access of up to 500ft away via CAT5e cables
  • Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) helps make installation easy, with no need to configure dip switches
  • Dual console operation - control your system from both the local and remote keyboards, mice, and monitors
  • Easy to use - push button selection between local and remote consoles
  • Plug-n-Play – no need to install any software driver
  • High video resolution - up to 1280 x 1024
  • Supports VGA, SVGA, and Multisync monitors
  • Local monitor supports DDC; DDC2; DDC2B


PS/2 to USB Intelligent KVM Cable
Model # G2L5502UP

  • Allows you to connect your USB computers to existing PS/2 KVM switches without any adapters
  • Supports multiple OS such as Windows, Mac, and Sun Solaris
  • No software installation required, plug the PS/2 end of the cable into your existing PS/2 KVM and plug the USB end of the cable into your USB computer 


MiniView™ Mac Adapter
Model # GCV160
  • Converts from ADB and DB-15 to PS/2 and HDB-15
  • Allows a Macintosh system to be incorporated into your KVM setup
  • Secondary ADB port provides support for additional Macintosh accessories
  • Full Mac keyboard functionality supported on a PS/2 keyboard
  • No software required
  • Save time, space and money
  • Includes all the necessary cables
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty