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DS OpticVision Extender

Long range player-to-screen multimedia extension

KVM Net II screen

The DS OpticVision Extender is a long range optical fiber extender delivering high resolution video images and stereo-audio from player to plasma/LCD screens up to 30 kilometres (19 miles) away. The system comes fully plug-and-play and can be used either as a standalone extender, or in combination with Minicom's CATx-based distribution systems.

With DS OpticVision Extender's comprehensive coverage, you can set up your media player kilometers from the display screens. Alternatively, install screens in new distant locations away from your main screen cluster. For dispersed installations, connect the system's receiver to Minicom's AVDS or DS Vision 3000 to give instant kilometres of transmission range for hundreds of screens and multiple screen clusters. Whatever the application, whatever the size catchment area, DS OpticVision Extender lets you realize the full potential of your digital signage investment.

DS OpticVision Extender comes interchangeable with both single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber to suit your desired range. The system is based on the latest optical fiber technologies giving network-independent multimedia transmission without the worry of downtime. It's immunity to electrical interference also lets you install the system in any application environment.

Whether across university campuses and central business districts, or between airport terminals, train-stations, or office buildings, DS OpticVision Extender promises the lowest price per distance, and will deliver your multimedia content, picture perfect, every time.