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DS Vision® 3000

The ultimate in player-to-screen distribution and control

KVM Net II screen

The test of any leading "DS last mile™" network is whether it can deliver high-definition video and stereo-audio from a single player, over CAT5/6/7 cable, to multiple plasma/LCD screens located up to 600m/2000ft away. DS Vision combines the longest range available with full bi-directional control and the industries only GUI based management program.

Minicom believes the DS Vision is the only system on the market to include fully bi-directional RS-232 communication, DS Vision enables you to not only send a command but also query the screen and get a response. No more walking from screen to screen. Remotely monitor screen operation time, view screen status, adjust volume and brightness and turn screens on/off all from your own console. Monitoring screen time helps you to minimize screen wear and tear allowing you to double or even triple the life of your digital signage network.

Place your screens in the most optimal locations to achieve the widest public coverage. Keep your players out of sight and harms way where they can easily be used, serviced and maintained, significantly reducing network downtime. The Dual Cascade Receiver Unit (DCL) for the DS Vision that significantly expands the system's potential by supporting not only star configurations, but also daisy chains. With the DCL you can cascade up to ten units in a row enabling easier positioning of screens and reduced cable clutter. In addition, the DCL has double the power of a regular video receiver allowing you to put two back-to-back screens on a single unit while still controlling each screen separately.

The DS Vision's modular design lets you mold the system exactly to your network requirements without superfluous hardware. Combined with the ability to extend screen life and reduce downtime the DS Vision gives you a superb return on your investment. To bring your message alive in the most efficient manner possible, the choice is easy – DS Vision® 3000.