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Today's Digital Signage media players and screens come configured with HDMI ports (High Definition Multimedia Interface). You can benefit from this in-built HDMI technology by using an HDMI extension system. DS Vision HDMI is a high performance HDMI/DVI real-time extension system. It "narrowcasts" high definition digital audio and video content at 1080p/60Hz from a single player to remote plasma/LCD screens located 60 meters/ 200 feet away.

DS Vision HDMI uses Minicom's CAT 5/6/7 cable technology to maintain an HD digital signal from transmitter to receiver. This technology is much more cost effective, easier to install and extends content much further than HDMI cables.

Unlike other HDMI products that require two cables, DS Vision HDMI features a unique single cable solution transferring both Audio/Video and supporting screen resolution optimization (DDC), further simplifying installation and reducing installation costs.

A versatile system that supports virtually all types of media players, DS Vision HDMI is designed for everything from small domestic installations to large commercial applications. Use it for home applications, retail centers, transportation hubs, leisure facilities, educational facilities, corporate environments and more. An easy-to-operate solution at maximum price-effectiveness makes DS Vision HDMI ideal for all HD Digital Signage applications.