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Minicom's mission is to enhance the level of IT service and IT efficiency in corporate organizations through innovative technologies, products and solutions.


Minicom is a global leader of IT management solutions for data centers, server rooms and rack environments.


Minicom Advanced Systems provides KVM remote access, extension and management solutions designed to expedite and simplify IT services. Tailored for IT managers who need secure, centralized, and seamless access to their mixed IT environments, these solutions enable local, remote, in-band and out-of-band access and management. Minicom's unique approach maximizes past investments in IT infrastructure, installation, and training while adding innovative technology, resulting in reduced costs and increased productivity.


Minicom was founded in 1988. In 2009, Minicom established Minicom Digital Signage. With headquarters in Israel and regional offices in North America, Europe and China, Minicom operates in over 70 countries. In April 2012 Minicom was acquired by Tripp Lite.




Please Note: Minicom Advanced Systems, announced March 24, 2010 that it would spinout its digital signage division. For this reason we are now separting the two Minicom product lines on our website. You can still access the Minicom KVM product information from this page, but if you are looking for the Digital Signage products, click on the link or MDS logo below.


Minicom Digital Signage is the world leader in the manufacture of advanced multimedia platforms. The company's award winning solutions enable the transmission of rich content from media players to multiple digital displays located hundreds of meters/feet away.
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Minicom Digital Signage


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