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If you are planning or enhancing a classroom, training, or educational center - ClassView is a product you need to know about. Designed specifically for classroom and training applications, the ClassView allows teachers to interact with their students by seeing and controlling their computers from the teacher's desk. Teachers can also show their computer screen to the students.



  • Classroom KVM Sharing

  • Instructor controls connections through simple keyboard commands using the keyboard template provided

  • Instructor can access any student's computer in three modes:

    • View- see student.s station without disturbing their keyboard or mouse

    • Share - see student.s station with interactive keyboard and mouse sharing

    • Control - see student.s station with complete control over their keyboard and mouse activity

  • Instructor can enable and disable students computer in two modes:

    • Disable - Student.s screen is blanked, keyboard and mouse are locked out

    • Freeze - Student.s screen remains on, but all keyboard and mouse activity is locked out

  • Show - lets instructors show their screen to any or all students Transfer - allows a student to view or control another students computer

  • Scan - allows instructor to sequentially view each computer

  • Easy installation and expansion

Part Numbers

Units below are kits that include all cables and power adapters

  • CVK-TP Instructor.s Unit, PS/2 Type Mouse

  • CVK-TR Instructor.s Unit, RS232 Type Mouse

  • CVK-SP Student.s Unit, PS/2 Type Mouse

  • CVK-SR Student.s Unit, RS232 Type mouse


  • Dimensions 8.85" W x 4.90" D x 2.10" H 22.5 x 12.5 x 5.3 cm Weight 3 lb. (1.8 kg.)

  • AC power 117 VAC Power adapter supplied, 230 VAC optional

  • Input power 17 VAC CT, 700 ma

  • Connectors Power: Din5 CPU/KVM: DB25 Female Bus In/out: 13W3 Female RS232: RJ45 6 conductor

  • Video bandwidth 150 Mhz

  • Rack mount option 19", 23., or 24.

  • Chassis Electro-galvanized steel, painted

  • Controls Power On/Off Switch, 8-Position Dip Switch

  • Indicators 1 Power LED (green), Status LED

  • (yellow), Send LED (yellow)

  • Environmental 0-55 C, 0-80% non-condensing rel. humidity